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We float a five mile stretch from Henefer to Taggarts. This portion of river is generally comfortable for beginners but still offers small opportunities to dodge around the occasional rock. The river also offers a small section of rapids.

Most importantly, guests must wear a life jacket. The river is mostly calm and fun but it is still a river. Your life jacket is like your seat belt; you keep it on while driving. Life jackets are included in your daily rental from Weber Tubing.

Secondly, we’ll mention the Croydon bridge. While we don’t anticipate this being a struggle for most, we make a point to mention it because one side of the bridge is much closer to the water than the other. We highly recommend guests go to the right side of the river to navigate the bridge.

While the river does have sections with small rapids and some rocks, we feel that most guests will be able to navigate these with relative ease.

For your safety, we also ask that guests be above 12 years old.

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