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Our water tubes are made from the thickest PVC vinyl we could find. This gives us a lot of advantages over the standard rubber tire tubes.
1. These water tubes have 3 air chambers: one for the majority of the air, one for the backrest, and one for an emergency safety chamber. Even if the main chamber of your tube pops or deflates the other chambers will still be inflated so you will still have a flotation device to hold onto.
2. The PVC vinyl is designed to stay cool even on the hottest days.
3. These tubes, being made of vinyl instead of rubber, can have handles built right in.
4. The center of our tubes is covered so you don’t sink into the center of your tube. This is especially helpful for smaller riders.


Life Jackets:

Our life jackets are United States Coast Guard Approved Type III – specified for river use. We have adult size jackets (90+ pounds) and youth size jackets (50-90 pounds). Everyone is required to wear a life jacket while floating the Weber River.



Paddles make navigating the rapids and obstacles in the river easier. They help with quick steering and allow you to push off from rocks and logs. You are not required to have a paddle to float the river, but it is something we offer to make your adventure a little bit better. $2 per day.


Cooler Tubes:

Strap your cooler into a special cooler tube so you can take your lunch or a snack with you. $10 per day.