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The Weber River:

The Weber River, pronounced wee-ber rather than webber, is a 125-mile long river in Northern Utah. It was named for American fur trapper John Henry Weber. It begins in the Uinta mountain range and flows across the state joining several rivers, filling reservoirs, and, ultimately, emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The Weber River is used for irrigation, fishing, and recreational activities such as tubing and kayaking.


Your Float:

Your Weber River Tubing float starts at Henefer UT (mile post 112 on I-84) to Taggart’s Grill in Morgan (mile post 108 on I-84). It takes about 2 hours but can vary depending on water conditions and any stops you make.
Visit this link for more detailed information about the river.


Rapids & Obstacles:

A lot of this river float is calm and peaceful. But there are some rapids to liven things up. Due to the natural ebb and flow of the river some days may be more peaceful than others. You will encounter rocks and trees along the way. Many of our costumers find it helpful to have a paddle to help keep them away from any obstacles.


The End of Your Adventure:

When you start seeing parked cars off to the north side of the river (usually to your right), you know your journey is near the end. There will be one more section of rapids and then you will want to exit the river to the north side (usually your right). Climb up the hill then head left (down stream) to the shuttle pick up. We will point out this spot on the river as we drive past to take you to the put in.